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Today is the day that the Nasty Party truly showed it’s face again. All of these terrible things are happening this month. As most of you all probably know.

  • The NHS being slowly privatised, piece by piece – the death of something a Tory once described as “the closest thing the English have to a religion” – that should be British, but a Tory can never say anything right.
  • All out-of-work benefits are being unified into one to create “savings”, and cut “waste, and increase “efficiency” called Universal Credit. Complete smokescreen to throw people off benefits, and cut the welfare bill. Recent news stories show that Job Centres are given secret targets to throw people off benefits, instead of doing what they are supposed to do – help people in need.
  • Workfare programmes – forcing the unemployed for work for no money at a huge corporations – have been protected from law suits retroactively.
  • The bedroom tax is coming along and hitting the disabled very hard.
  • Council tax benefit is being killed, forcing hundreds of thousands people to pay council tax for the first time.
  • The poor are being squeezed by having taxes raised, and then benefits cut. Apart from the moral reasons that this is pushing people already in poverty deeper into it – Tory fucks – it is also bad economc sense. They are vacuuming money out of the economy, when we need people to spend money to get us out of a recession, and they’re taking the money off poor people – those most likely to spend it rather than save it while giving millionaires a £100,000 tax cut.


Fuck the whole thing. This is deeply unfair, and people only started organising against this entire thing a couple of day ago. They don’t have a mandate for any of this.


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