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In The Flesh

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In The Flesh

Just about to start watching the final episode of In the Flesh three episodes in the series! British brevity, right?

So far it’s been fantastic.

A properly unique take on the idea of zombies, I’ve mentioned the background of the series in an earlier post; that used the “monsters” (and they’re certainly hardly ever monsters in this telling) used as a tool to discuss sexuality, loneliness, mental health, NIMBYism, alienation, adolescence, masculinity, fatherhood, racism, Britishness, hypocrisy, religion, gender, mob mentality, jealousy…aww I can’t describe how far-reaching this show is.

It’s fantastic. You should definitely catch up with it if you’re British, and if you’re American try to find a decent torrent – one should be out soon. It’s only three hours remember, and it tells stories that are deep and meaningful.

You’ll be much the richer for the experience.

I really hope the friendship turns out to have homosexual, at least undertones – properly fleshed out, hahah geddit?!…to really propel it into the unusual and ground-breaking. I think if it does it’s the most significant drama about gay culture since Queer As Folk, which I’m too young to remember.

EDIT: Still half way in, but the religious overtones have been hyped up this week. Well, it is Easter weekend. The very Scouse, masked Zombie Jesus internet preacher (the Undead Prophet) even quotes the Book of Revelations and its Vision of the Son of Man – in a classy reference.

“Fear not, I am the first and the last, and the living one. I died, and behold I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of Death and Hades.”

EDIT: The implicit joke about the main male character, and his female zombie friend about their wedding – Im unsure whether this works against my “He’s gay” theory, or for it. I know a lot of heterosexual women who refer to marrying their gay male friends. Hmm. I think it was just a friendship. They’re discussion of what I assume to be his male love interest suggestion romance to me, as well. Hmm. We’ll see. Twenty-odd minutes left.

EDIT: In a tweet: “Ricky Tomlinson’s quiet Scouse dignity is a fucking wonder to behold in this show.” True. He’s a fantastic actor given his proper due in this type of role, old dignified and decent.

EDIT: Half from a tweet, sort-of – I said that the most disturbing thing about this series of flesh-eating zombies (ignore the fact that most of them are decent people, or I can’t make my point) is the fact that the NHS most likely has been dissolved in this not-too-distant-future. The only healthcare we see are a huge compound with people in white coats (so a scientific healthcare system if any, if not just military science), and apart from that the only healthcare we see is a single nurse who had one week’s training. Perhaps the people of Roarton are too poor to afford insurance with private healthcare companies.

EDIT: I won’t spoil anything for you,  but Keiron whispers something to the person I proposed was his love interest. Whispered, and you didn’t hear it on camera. I think this settles it. Deffo a gay relationship. AND WE HAVE CONFIRMATION HE MADE HIM A MIX CD. YAS. I WAS RIGHT!

EDIT: The “blood on his hands”/”stigmata” revelations of what he had done was a bit clunky, but his comeuppance was just as fuck. YAS.

EDIT: The desperate claims of a mother to her son not to kill himself again was beautiful. Properly well acted and superbly written. The story of her meeting her husband was tender and fantastic. And best of all the final reveal of the quiet dad talking about finding his son that has killed himself, and breaking down. FUCKING GROUNDBREAKING TELEVISION.

EDIT: No more edits! I promise.


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