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Nothing and new

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Reform didn’t really garner much attention. A few free downloads, and two reviews in the UK – one of which being posted to the US version too. Mostly positive which is nice. But still only a hundred or so free downloads, and I think one paid so far with no signs of this taking an upswing.

I had an idea today for an addition to my zombie horror story series (The Four Horsemen) about a couple suriving in a dead world, dealing with mental illness and loneliness – and I jotted off the opening paragraph but…I don’t know.

It’s a LOT of work to get 1 download. I don’t think it’s worth it.


So that’s that…

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Updated my Collected Edition to contain the new short story, so hopefully that’s better value now.

And the short story is going up on its own, too. I’ll whack them both on the full amount of free days I can do from the very beginning and hopefully people will want them at all.

I detest self promotion of any kind, but I’ll post the links when they go live.